I have been wondering what people are using for adhesives and as sealants for their collages. Any ideas are very welcome.

Just by way of introduction I will post a few works here, as I am new.

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Adding a thought: As I use primarily thin paper as collage source, I started working with 3M positional mounting adhesive. It's a different way of working, and there are benefits to it. FYI

Thank you all for those tips. Exactly what I need to know in that my older work is starting to come apart.  I use thick epoxy, the kind you knead, which can be formed into any shape, dried and glued or drilled into for screw attachments.  When i suspend a picture in a box, I use the epoxy to form a short shaft to screw the wood photo platform a couple of inches above the back wall of the box.  

Hi Kanchan. You mentioned about sealing under glass. Here is an interesting book, by Micheal David Brown, (1998). Realistic Collage step by step. Cincinnati, Horth Light Books. ISBN 0-89134-819-0, that uses temporary tacking via the 3M Spray Mount, then after all the pieces are in place, the way you want them, it gets sealed by a dry-mount film under a hot press machine (or you can use an iron).

Kanchan Mahon said: and I will probably go back to glue sticks with sealing , or simply framed under glass to "seal”  it.'

I use Yes Glue and Golden Matte Medium

I use Type 77 spray adhesive for all paper...it is tacky and the material lays flat. I use Weldbond or adhesive from the fabric store when I want something that sticks and dries clear. Super glue to glue small objects to hard surfaces. Clear silicones are tricky...some work well and remain flexible...others turn rubbery and peel off easily. Yellow glue for wood to wood. Matte medium for collages if not spray adhesive. Plumbers putty also works well for solid objects on solid surfaces.

I personally use PVA glue.

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