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The Ontological Museum -

The International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction

The Fluxmuseum

Archives of the Eternal Network

2019 is the 25th anniversary of the Ontological Museum. We have been working hard to create a legacy that will last long into the future but now we are at the point of needing your support. Please support the cause and the programming by becoming a monthly subscriber. Help us take the Museum to the next level. 

So far (2016-2017) subscriptions have paid for one year of service fees for this website (about $240.00) and three full page ad for the Collage Museum in Kolaj Magazine ($600.00) Thanks so much for your support. Monies are being spent on web designers currently and it is not cheap.


Basic - Benefits: Museum Membership, guilt-free access and use this website, opportunities to participate in member only events and activities, Open invitation to contribute to the ever growing museum collection without approval and have your work in the collection and considered when appropriate for all future exhibitions. Our abiding gratitude.


(048) Dorin Robbins

(047) Bob Rizzo

(046) Elizabeth Bogard 

(045) Julia A Payne

(044) Karen A Miller

(043) Martha Whittemore 

(042) Elizabeth Trimbach

(041) Terry Garrett

(039) Nancy Ferro

(037) Robin Toulouse

(036) Flora Georgiou

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(031) Linda Renz

(030) Deborah Goldstein

(028) Ruth Lozner

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(025) Peter Dowker

(024) Cordula Kagemann

(023) Ann Gallagher

(021) Keith Pace

(020) Angeline Naron

(018) Ellen Filreis

(017) Dale Weber

(016) Patrice Baker

(015) Janet Hannah Eskridge

(014) Terry Garrett

(013) Linda Renz

(012) Melinda Tidwell

(011) Judith Singer

(010) Zach Collins

(009) Heather Bentz

(008) Kurtiss Lofstrom

(007) Sanda Styer

(006) Janice McDonald / McDonald Art & Design

(005) Sherry Parker

(004) Angela Petruncio

(003) Out of Step Handspun Yarn


Sustaining - All of the above + various collectibles sent by mail over the course of the year.


(040) Marian Savill

(034) Melinda Silver

(029) Dorothy Stokes

(22) Angela Holland

(019) Marsha Balian

(038) Drager Meurtant

VIP  - All of the above + any published catalogs, postcards, etc over the course of the year and a limited edition item made only for VIP subscribers


(032) BB Moncrief Wiese

(002) Ginnie Gardiner

Additional One Time Donors

Kaye Boggs

Stephen Mead

Marian Hoffman Ting


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