Why do you make collages? Only for hobby or also for sell them? Sorry for my bad English

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I make collages because I moved from a big house to a tiny apartment and I can't paint on large canvases anymore. Making collages gives me the opportunity to be creative on the couch in my living room. I don't like painting small, but I love collaging small. :)

I have just made some collages and assemblages that are going to be in a small show at a small store. I hope to sell some, however they are a bit on the expensive side, so if they come home with me I will be happy to have them. So "both" would be the answer. Another reason for making them is that I am downsizing to a smaller house and I challenged myself to incorporate pieces from my lifelong collections into art (and not acquire any additional materials to make them with).

Thank you Liz, for your reply! It's interesting to know what do you all think about this subject. I'm very glad to had joined your Society,I'd found very kind people.Please,sorry for my English,I'm just learning now. Correct me!

Hi, Shawn Marie! Thank you for your reply

Shawn Marie Hardy said:

I make collages because I moved from a big house to a tiny apartment and I can't paint on large canvases anymore. Making collages gives me the opportunity to be creative on the couch in my living room. I don't like painting small, but I love collaging small. :)

I make them as a hobby, but as I have about 450 of them, I try selling them and I certainly give them to friends, family, online friends and charities. ALso when I sell my own collages the profits go to charity.

I don’t like the beginning sentence of this quote, but the second part is all too true: 

“Art is not art unless you sell it.  Until then it’s a storage problem.” 

That’s me! 

I liken my collages to having a littler of kittens. You love them all, but can’t keep all of them. So you try to find good homes for them where they will loved, appreciated and cared for the way you would. GIVING THEM away or “selling" them with just asking for  remiburement for postage. Is a fun way to do that. 

I like to keep some of my favorites, but have sold some of the “special” ones, because I felt I always  ‘have “ them in my high resolution computer images of them, and “visit" them online.  I think I will do less of selling my favorites though. By the way EVERYONE says I sell them for too little. But it’s a hobby for me, I’d make them even if no one saw them, so I never expected a profit. It’s just icing on the cake!

I was always a painter for many years...but sometimes I found pieces in nature who amazed me. Those stones or pieces of wood, real feathers of birds, seashells,  etc.  I could not paint like they were...and everything had 3 dimensions with natural colours, real structures etc. ! I began to search and collecting those pieces who amazed me often. I started also to collect mechanical objects...that I could use in some assemblages where the big contrast between nature and culture would be present !  So I started to realise that I could create art with those pieces. I sold many paintings and drawings in the past ( and I'm still selling drawings or paintings ) but I never sold one of my collages and assemblages. They are like my own children. Maybe one day I will sell some of the assemblages when my house will be to full of all this. Till now I have the place...and I'm happy to see them there everyday. That's the way I see it now..but everything may change in the future ! Thierry Jonnaert, Belgium

I am trained as a photographer who hasn't completely gone digital. This has slowed me down considerably as I no longer have access to a darkroom. My creative urges go unspent so I have turned to collage. I have never particularly liked to draw so collage satisfies me well.

Like most artists, I am selfish. I do assemblages for myself. If I like them, I am happy as I am the most difficult to please. Only I, (you) know what is best, otherwise you are doing art for someone else's requirements and no matter what you do, someone is bound not to like it so please yourself and stand behind what you do, whatever it is. If someone likes or identifies with it, great! If not, Too bad. You can change your view at any time...based on what you want to do.

I like to try all art media and took a collage workshop from Derek Gores and was hooked.  I've shown some of my work at  local galleries, done a few paid commissions, and a some shows for charities,  but lately I'm working collage into  journal pages for my own delight and to share on journaling websites.  In addition I paint in watercolor and acrylic.  I see collage possibilities in everything and like most artists have a growing stash of items, collections, (stuff), that I must collect to put in future collages and those I will probably never get around to doing.  I've also dabbled in assemblage and book altering. 

I make collages as part of my research at University. I find the materials often add as much to a work as the final image does. I'm  careful in choosing my materials for this reason.

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