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A few weeks ago, someone very smart suggested I start a Ning site for my music. But this evening I rec'd an e-reminder about this new site from Cecil Touchon on the yahoo collage group. He has a lovely-looking show at Sears Peyton now. Anyway, this is my inaugural Ning visit. I wasn't very turned on by the theme pages offered, I have to say. But let's see. Hello out there! I am an image transferer and layerer! Who are you?

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Looking at this piece of artwork, brings me comfort. I hope everyone finds comfort too.

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something to talk about...time

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Lenin Love

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Watery excuse

I am sorry I haven’t been active since I recently joined this group. I’ve had a lot of problems with the environment in my studio and haven’t had time to post. First the problem was dampness, but it generated a lot of mold that we had to deal with. Then the studio flooded due to the heavy rains we have had in Atlanta. I feel fortunate to only have a flooded basement, some folks lost everything. For me it is the second time in the past week and they are expecting more rain this weekend! I know… Continue

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Please, check out my new website:
I'll appreciate your opinion on this. Thank you.

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Venus DeMilo

Think I put this photo in the wrong plce. I will try to post it here. this is the latest piece I've done.
"Venus DeMilo".

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"Herb and Dorothy"

If you get an opportunity to see this film about two charming and quirky collectors, Herb and Dorothy, go! "The incredible true story of a postal worker and a librarian who built a world-class art collection." The film includes commentary by many artists in their studios about their relationships with Herb and Dorothy as well as interesting historical art world footage. I'm not affiliated with this film... but am so glad I saw it.… Continue

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Why now, why here.

I am choosing to work the Art Assemblage arena due to influences and friendships with older artists who were the founders of the West Coast art movements of the famous Ferus Gallery (1957-66) in Los Angeles. Being inspired by the materials, (i.e. found/discarded objects) a construct is formed with a new life for these discards. The piece begins by continually moving common objects around and abstracting them into what ultimately may be a unified body. No assemblage is started with a clear view… Continue

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Hi from John

Hey - good to be here with you all - finding my way round here - hope to meet you on here soon


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Just saying "hi"! glad I was introduced to this group! Just wanted to say "Hi". My name is Katherine and I'm a self taught mixed media, collage and assemblage artist from Pasadena, CA. I just started getting my artwork out "into the world" a year ago, and so far, it's been a great experience! I'm currently preparing for a small 2 person show at the MSY Gallery in South Pasadena. It opens on July 25th. If you live in the area, be sure to stop by!

I'm looking forward to visiting other members… Continue

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Just feelin' my way around

I thought I joined here a week or two ago. I already belong to a few other Ning communities so when I came here it kept saying I was already registered. I guess thought that meant I was automagically registered here or something too. LOL!!! When I came back tonight I didn't see myself in the member list so I'm trying this again. I'll get it right... I'm up here in the hills with sloooowww dial-up so I don't get around to these web communities much. I'll drop in now and then and see what… Continue

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found out several days ago that i was one of a dozen or so artists who've received a $7500 grant from the kentucky arts

council without artistic conditions! a blessing, but of course it would happen right when we've gone over budget

renovating our house, so a portion will be used to get us back on track... as it stands, i should have roughly half to make

upgrades to the computer software i use in making my collages (a new wacom drawing tablet would be nice! plus a

sleek… Continue

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yellow springs/antioch...

wrapping up the week here in yellow springs where my wife crystal's been part of the faculty for the antioch writers workshop. its been great... but im looking forward to getting back home where everything is in shambles following

our move back into the house plus the necessary renovations (walls taken down, kitchen and bathroom floors ripped up,

etc) - floors are needing to be stripped. its a mess but i look forward to completing it before the fall...

its interesting to… Continue

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Philippe Bertaud

I would like to introduce my friend Philippe, listen to his wonderful playing. I am going to try to talk him into using one of my images for his next album… Continue

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Fluxhibition #3 'Thinking Inside of the Box'

Cecil, the exhibition looks wonderful, and I think you will like being here on the ning network. I belong to another ning group and posted your exhibit there a few days ago. Thanks for all your hard work. Kate (+:

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Starting a new Social Network for the Collage Community

Today I am starting up a ning site in association with the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction so that members of the museum's email group and community may share their work and ideas in a more multi-media environment.

Shot of Fluxhibition #3 Box Assemblage Art

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Posting to membership- 2 Replies

Started by Felicia Belair-Rigdon. Last reply by Jemison Roger Beshears Jul 7, 2021.

Call for Artists: A Book About Death / Tribute to Ray Johnson

Started by Janice McDonald Jul 27, 2019.


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