wrapping up the week here in yellow springs where my wife crystal's been part of the faculty for the antioch writers workshop. its been great... but im looking forward to getting back home where everything is in shambles following
our move back into the house plus the necessary renovations (walls taken down, kitchen and bathroom floors ripped up,
etc) - floors are needing to be stripped. its a mess but i look forward to completing it before the fall...

its interesting to overhear published writers and writers-in-waiting discuss the craft... i've always used my own writing
(bad poetry) as subject matter for my creative art and the eavesdropping has definitely fueled some creative energies
within me. i brought my mac desktop along with us and have been dragging it everywhere i can find a plug and access to
free wi-fi (all the coffee houses, here at the antioch-mcgregor campus - folks have been hovering around me being nosy,
but i guess i aint complaining - any chance i get to talk art with folks is good. plus maybe i can talk one of them into
using my art as a potential bookcover. that would be extremely nice! i think i missed a chance with zakes mda who had
walked over to me while working on some logos and left after a brief exchange - crystal told me later that he was curious
about my art and had wanted to see some samples. i'm so introverted that i didnt pick up on his curiosity until after
he had left!
(can i cuss here?)

plus im tired. crys stays up all night where we've been staying with the lights on as she reads the manuscripts turned
in by those in her class. the complete dark is my best friend... i miss it. specially since i dont sleep but a handful of
hours anyway. (the houses here are very unique - hippie culture is the number one commerce here in yellow springs
and there aint two houses alike, not in the least bit! looks like frank lloyd wright on mushrooms! - beautiful, elegant,
and creatively different!) - cant wait to get home so we can yellowsprings-up our own house...

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Comment by ron davis on July 17, 2009 at 10:40am
aside: the old tavern restaurant has the BEST veggie burgers i've ever had! - basically, they're refined bean patties
with jalapenos and other goodies... i've had 3 in two days... (and about to go back again for lunch!) i am so addicted!


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