With this technique I want to affect reality, shape it, mold it as I  like it. With collages I always start from reality but I discussing boundaries, I change it. I rebirth the reality, I rage  on her with a cutter.
The practice of collage is a eulogy of the fragment, and the residual. In the same time is a desperate search for completeness. If on one hand the residue is isolated by extrapolating it from its original context, on the other hand it becomes necessary to integrate it, to marry it with something else. In this way, the reconstitution of the fragment is put in place like a physical attraction. The practice of collage for me is like to sexual practice. Perhaps this is why sometimes I resort to erotic or pornographic material. Often, unwittingly, what I put in place, is nothing less than an erotic attraction between fragments of images, a imaginary copula between the x and y fragments of paper.

In my work I am interested in pornography because, in my opinion, most of the advertising images that exploit the female body are this. Pornography is the primary theme of today ... in particular I speak of that sneaky, creepy, greasy pornography that wraps around like a film, the vast world that of images in which we are immersed ...

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