I have been wondering what people are using for adhesives and as sealants for their collages. Any ideas are very welcome.

Just by way of introduction I will post a few works here, as I am new.

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Jade 409 from Talas-NYC. Archival- 

I like to start with wood, but I'm using different materials ( and glue ): Sometimes it are feathers, stones, pieces of a tree, or objects I found ( metallic pieces etc. ). Ik like to paint some pieces...so it's also becoming a Collage-painting.

Thierry Jonnaert

EK Tools Decoupage Glue

I've been using Krylon spray adhesive.  I'm working with material too thin for traditional glue. Is anyone else using spray adhesive? Open tack-time is important to me. BTW- lovely work Kanchan Mahon.

I Sally, What do you think about stick glue as that used at school?

The stick glue is easy to handle, but it dries a bit too fast for how I'm working right now. It sometimes warps the paper I'm using, as I use a lot of magazine source. PS- Love your chairs Paola!

Thanks for your info Sally!

I use acrylic matte medium.

Thank you!

I use Golden products, matte and gloss mediums for adhesives, and gel topcoat with UVL for a finishing coat.  No problem over many years.    Marie Lyon

I use Mod Podge and have had great success with it. I think that it's basically like Elmers.

Just a tip here for all the Assemblage artists... have you tried E600o? It is fantastic. It will glue anything to anything!

Jumping in with both feet here (as I just joined :) )... my.02cents on adhesives varies on medium to be attached.

If it's fairly porous paper, I like to use fairly wet glue and weight down until dry as I find it penetrates the surface and really grabs onto whatever it's being applied to. If  it's anything 3-dimensional however, I always find at least one other way of attaching it 'mechanically'. I've had just about every glue let me down at some point. Wire, dowelling, soldering rarely does. But I'll often use No More Nails additionally. Moldable, relatively quick drying and paintable.

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