A new idea and/or collaboration(if interested)

i keep having the idea of a collaboration where one artist sends another artist scraps, images, pages, objects, or magazines and the receiving artist creates a collage using given materials. after reading the topic of scraps and my personal interest in scraps, i would love to do something like this with other artists who are willing to compile an envelope of scraps and send it my way and each of us create a new work using those materials. whether they modify the scraps with tools is up to the artist. i like the idea of no modification. just using the scraps as is.

Who's with me?

feel free to post address or email me address and i shall give you mine.


matt taggart

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I like it, Adrian. In fact, the more I look at it, the more I like it. Plus, I appreciate the way you've used your resources.

Adrian Jugaru said:

Ok, so here's one I did using resources from the three of us. The kid is mine, i used the envelope that Ken sent me scraps in for the background and the red globe is from Matt. I always name my collages, this one is "Memories receptacle".

Thank you, Ken. I'm glad you like like it. I do try to use as much as I can from my resources, I think it's a pitty to waste them.

i've been following your posts today at work and have been eagerly waiting to get home to post.

first, glad my scraps made it to both of you, ken and adrian.

i'm loving all the collages being posted. Ken, i really enjoy the unmodified collage using my scraps. very nice.

Adrian, the three way collab one is great also. very nice work both of you.

i haven't received your scraps yet, Adrian. getting very excited for them.

thanks again for both of you for being apart of this. makes me very excited. plus we have Gwenn on board too. not sure if either of you have been in contact with her.

i will be working on a few more using Ken's scraps. will post as soon as i get them on my computer.

hope everyone is well.

here is the second piece I did using Ken's scraps. some of the pieces were altered for this one but i tried to not. this i did on watercolor paper.

one more thing, I'm saving all these images as you all post them. I want to do something with them. any ideas or should we just leave them alone. make a blog of the collaborations?

I would love to be involved in this.  I think it would be a great way for us to get to know each other and each other's style.  Count me in.  Lauretta Lowell, www.whimsicalcuriosities.com, laurettacreations@gmail.com


so glad to have on board. i will email you soon with an address and we can trade some scraps. thanks again and hope all is well.

My address is Lauretta Lowell, 78440 Glastonbury Way, Palm Desert, CA 92211

here is a new one using Ken's pieces. slight alterations with a few pieces on matte board. this is the fourth piece. the third one is being scanned and will post asap.

the color is a tad faded due to the scanner. kind of crapping out on me.

You'd have to check with Cecil about this, Matt, but how about making a book of the scrap collages using Lulu, Blurb, etc and offering it for sale with proceeds to support this site or its parent The Ontological Museum  (or is it the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction ?) Any of us not wanting our scrap collages included could, of course, opt out.

Matthew Taggart said:

one more thing, I'm saving all these images as you all post them. I want to do something with them. any ideas or should we just leave them alone. make a blog of the collaborations?

PS:  Matt, if and how the images are used might depend on how you see this project -- is it on-going? Or does it have a finite life-span? That kind of thing . . .

Here's another one, using only materials from Ken. Well, I did add that little 'fake it' tag. So, that is it's name also.

Regarding your ideas, they both work for me. A blog would be great if this project would be on-going, as Ken noticed. The book would be top-notche also, but with a temporal limitation.


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