Anyone using methylcellulous in their collages?

Hi all! I've only used methylcel in a workshop once, and now I think it may come in handy for a new series. I'm using a very thin japanese paper to glue onto pages of a 1937 text book. (Wish me luck.) I need something delicate and neat. Can't have excess glue squidging everywhere. If you have any pointers, I'd love to know about them! -Thanks! -Sally

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I haven't worked with methycel. You should try some sort of paste to limit the excess glue. I'm sorry I can't be specific.

I appreciate it Adamandia. I have a lot of trial and error ahead of me I'm afraid. :)

I don't know if your text book pages are still attached to the book or loose but, if loose, I would consider dampening the page and the paper you want to attach with - what amounts to wall paper paste -  then attaching. It might even be good to soak the paper in a thin bath of the methylcel and then attach. The paste should dry clear and matte. You might also use an old credit card or a brush to smooth out the sheet.

If attaching while in the book, I might still use a spray bottle to dampen the receiving sheet. I normally do not use this material but the nice thing is, it is archival and the sheets - after drying - can be dampened and separated since the paste is water soluble.


BTW this is also the base for most paper billboard signs and posters which allows a collage artist to take multiple layers of this kind of paper, soak it for a day or two and separate the sheets. I have thousands of bits of billboard and poster paper 'harvested' this way.

Cecil, thank you for the great tips, and taking the time. Much appreciated!

Hi Sally,

I´ve been using methylcel for quite some time. It´s wonderful especially when you work with Japanese paper (or something as thin as that). That´s exactly what I´ve been doing.

One interesting thing is that you can mix it as thick as you need or want.


I've never even heard of it! The best thing I ever learned in art school was Super-77 spray adhesive. It works flawlessly for me on everything including vellum.

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