The time has finally arrived to unveil the finished artworks for To The Power Of N: When N Equals 12!

I think what I enjoy most about this project is that we all get to see, right out in the open, the way each artist approaches the necessary ‘problem solving’ required to interpret a set of materials that are presented to them, rather than being selected by them.

And this year, there were indeed challenges for our artists to overcome! The Materials that they each had to select from were a diverse and varied collection of bits and pieces, which made it difficult to find the associations and inter-connections that much of collage art is based around.

However, even with this strange collection of items making up their palette, I think you will agree with me that each and every artist has done a wonderful job in re-interpreting these images and making them their own. Please stop by the website and have a look and join me in thanking them and congratulating them on their efforts!

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Comment by Stephen Mead on October 16, 2012 at 6:02pm

Thank you for sharing the link.  It is powerful and fascinating to see the diverse results of the creative spirit when handed a palette and inspired to make it personal.


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