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for entertainment purposes only


Back in March I sent a piece to a mail art show in the Netherlands. I liked that piece, which was titled "Self Mailer: Address Unknown," so much that I decided to try to recreate, re-capture it in some way. Didn't turn out exactly like I intended. This group of photos shows steps along the way -- gluing, scraping, rearranging, scraping, sanding, glazing and on and on.  In the top left corner is the original mail art piece.  In the bottom right corner is the final…


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The abstract comics blog has a reference to Warja Lavater's book of pictograms. Not collage, but it seems to me there is a collage-like feeling to many of them. The book contains pictographic stores she made from the mid-1970s to the mid-90s.  A few sample pages can be seen here:

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What other collage sites do you visit?

I know of some but I’m wondering if there are other sites that members visit,  other than peoples’ individual web sites, that is. Many of the ones listed below (and I hope I’m not duplicating someone else’s efforts)  have been mentioned other places here on Collagist but I thought I’d try to get them together in one place. Of course, any comments I add are my own preceptions.

In no particular order


Kolaj Magazine…


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Lenore Tawney's postcard collages


One of the books I picked up recently on a book buying mini-spree is Lenore Tawney’s Signs On The Wind --  Postcard Collages, 2002.  I am familiar with her work as a fiber artist but was completely unaware of the collages. Turns out they are delightful pieces that she mailed to friends, herself, and maybe even her cats. The book format is 8 x 8 inch and as far as I can tell the postcards are presented actual size or close thereto, one…


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art and films

Stumbled on this site recently -- Open Culture.

This LINK is for the Art section.  Some wonderful film/videos. From Wassily Kandinsky in the act of painting, to a case being made for European cave art being the earliest form of cinema, to David Hockney in the act of painting. My favorite so far is A Brief History of  …


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appropriation, fair use, theft


Here's a link to an article in the New York Times about appropriation and fair use in the visual arts in a digital age.  The artist, Richard Prince, lost the case in Federal District Court but is appealing.


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Call for Artists: A Book About Death / Tribute to Ray Johnson

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