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Submissions Wanted: Art Reflecting on Trump et. al

Submissions Wanted, Art Reflecting on Trump. Please visit:
Contact: Eve Lyons,

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For Every Orlando (no more, no more)

I am not a social animal savvy with media today but I have posted the following here and there:

"I humbly submit the image below "Embraced by Grace (For the Upstairs Lounge)" to send love and healing to the victims and loved ones of the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando Florida. The only legacy I can think of at the moment, against terrorism, is love. If anyone has (or had) LGBT loved ones and would like to share their stories via letters,…


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Supporting Janice McDonald's View on Posting Video Content

When I first attempted posting these it was via embedding, and I had no idea how much space these would take up here on this Ning site. I'm still not particularly savvy when it comes to things such as MB vs. KB etc., but given the fact that combined, these collage-films of various montages and mixed media as "stills" numbers close to 500, light dawned on Marblehead again. Thank you Janice for your tip and your patience.

Alan Turing, the Soul of the Man Beyond the Verdict, Beyond…


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Poetry Art Montage

This is a case of light dawning on Marblehead. I have been fascinated by writing and art a good deal of my life. Around 2000 I began seeking publication combining the two in various formats, including, early on, entering text directly on image. It was this year, while working on a new series of montages, that it occurred to me I might be able to obtain greater clarity by uploading/merging PDF files. Sixteen years later and here is an example of that result.…


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Eric & Eugene (Two of the Lucky Ones), The Story of a Montage

(Thank you to Eric Marcoux, Eugene Woodwoth,, Ross William Hamilton, and Jennifer Willis)

On Thu, Dec 31, 2015 at 5:26 AM, Stephen Mead wrote:

Dear Ms. Willis:

I hope you are well and looking forward to the New Year. I am writing because, although your wonderful piece appeared in the Oregonian some time ago, I recently was inspired to create the enclosed image. I was wondering if you know who the original photographers might be so I could give them credit/share image. I…


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I am embarrased to toot my own invisible horn

But since this is collage related, here I go anyway; thanks!



"Our Spirit Life"

(A Meditation on Family and Time

through montages and text)

by Stephen Mead

ISBN-13  9781492266204

Copyright 2014



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Two Latest Projects of different stripes (Sound vs. Mixed Media)

Sometimes I really stop and scratch my head over what I do with my time.

Definitive and iconic is Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" and its words first published as a poem by teacher Abel Meeropol. When attempting to interpret all another poet/singer can hope to do is pay respect to the originators while also hoping to bring the same emotional integrity. It is August 2015 as I write this. It was 1937 when the poem was first published. Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a world where…


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Montage Guilt

In many ways I feel strange/inadequate, like an imposter, for continuing to participate on this site when much of my work in the past couple of years has become more about montage than collage. At the start of the year, having become obsessed with doing a piece on Alan Turing (which turned into roughly 300 images), I wrote this: " I continue to get older and work a day job, montages have become a way of compacting creative energy while my time on earth remains a mystery. I like the idea…


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Conversation on Sound Collage with Alina Oswald, Art & Understanding Magazine

Some paint with light. Others use words. Stephen Mead does both. A multimedia artist and author known for his color collages and poems, Mead recently added music and sound to give new life to his work. The result is his new CD, Threnody for a Forgotten Plague, a collection of sung poems of lament dealing with the pain, suffering and loss brought by the early days of…


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Sound Collage Song Cycle free to Listen

Threnody for a Forgotten Plague, Christmas…


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Sound Collage for WORLD AIDS DAY 2014

From a work-in-progress, "Threnody for a Forgotten Plague", work concerned with the early days of the AIDS pandemic. "Researching Plague" is one of the more particularly experimental pieces of the series, dealing with the fracturing of voices which occurs during such an outbreak: the medical, political bureaucracy vs. the…


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Postcard for Humanity (Formerly Postcard to Putin)

Tired of global abuses against LGBT people?

Please consider sending/posting a


Or feel free to right click on image(s) on this page, & choose "save as".

Further details can still be found at:…


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Postcards to Putin Gets a Mention

The article starts with a collage painting "De Profundis” by British artist Tony O’Connell, which certainly makes followng the enclosed link well worth the trip!

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Postcard to Putin 2 (A Little Online Artistic Activism)

Want to support the athletes who have trained so hard to compete in the Winter Olympics?

Want to send a message of support to the LGBT people of Russia?

Not happy with Vladimir Putin's human rights abuses?

If the enclosed images “strike a chord” with you consider posting or passing on. (Just right click on image, choose "copy", "paste" or "save as".)…


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Coincidence (More Our Spirit Life)

On the same day I received an email from Absolute Arts letting me know that one of my photomontages of Mom was to be featured for their 24 hour rotation (not that it brings in money!), I received the link above too.

Hmm...maybe I should get around to trying to put those montages altogether in a book.

I could at least give it to family.

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Incredible photorealistic paintings on newspapers

It's wonderfully simple yet powerful how this artist makes newspapers into a canvas, creating a collage element as she paints on top of them. Well worth the visit to this article and then the link to her home page.

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Call for Artists: A Book About Death / Tribute to Ray Johnson

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