One hundred and six million euro's (142,890 USD): who doesn't dream from that price for an art piece? Well, very few of us, need to bother. But at large, one issue related to such over-evaluation, is that interesting pieces of art may be stuck in a room with 1 m concrete walls without windows. And, as I recently read on a blog: some very wealthy, by whim or investment assessment evalu-estimation, may start to dictate what the public may see. In my country, one museum showed art collected by a wealthy collector, to find out that several pieces shortly after were auctioned. It may seem, that the exhibition was used to increase the yield of the sales.

Well, there ain't no way to battle the influence of very rich collectors on which art gets on display where. On another forum, related to art value, my words were: " The ugliest shell harbors the most beautiful pearl. Getting hold of the purest tone a musician plays is impossible in Stravinsky's Fire bird, but more within reach in a piece from Arvo Pärt. Sure, the most costly artists or artworks may contain some value. But for 90% it is the whim of investors. The high price of works from the 7th gallery (comment: the most costly gallery) can only be guaranteed, if owners, like the old ones, take these works with them in their grave.
Optimum condition to get the art closest to you and to profit maximally: makes it yourself and don't sell."
Says Drager Meurtant

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