A new idea and/or collaboration(if interested)

i keep having the idea of a collaboration where one artist sends another artist scraps, images, pages, objects, or magazines and the receiving artist creates a collage using given materials. after reading the topic of scraps and my personal interest in scraps, i would love to do something like this with other artists who are willing to compile an envelope of scraps and send it my way and each of us create a new work using those materials. whether they modify the scraps with tools is up to the artist. i like the idea of no modification. just using the scraps as is.

Who's with me?

feel free to post address or email me address and i shall give you mine.


matt taggart

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ken, i had a blast of inspiration lately hahaha.

thank you.

they are all different sizes with the exception of two pieces. one last one i posted and the first one i post using Gwenn's material are both 15x20. i accidently posted that size for the second piece using just Gwenn's material. the rest are various sizes. i take the photos on my phone and crop them using a pdf app on it. so they come out about the same size when you post them.

I love collaborations ! Can I play with you ?

we would love to have you apart of this.

this is the newest piece i've done using mainly Gwenn Mayer's material, a few pieces by me and a few of Adrian Jagaru's material.

also, just recieved heARTbeatgal's trade. Thank You. i will have your's out very soon. same with you Gwenn. its really hard to get to the post office these days. packages made and will be sent asap.


Elizabeth, I got your envelope in the mail today.


Elizabeth Richard said:

I'm in

I, too, would love to join in!

Hy Matt,

Some material travels since this morning. Hope you'll enjoy


My scraps arrived! My scraps arrived!! Here is the link to see a snap...

off I go


fun. i used some of everything that was sent and left as is as much as possible. feeling more political than usual. thanks! heARTbeatgal

wonderful piece heArtbeatgal! love it.

Ariane, I just received your package yesterday. thank you so much. i will have something in the mail by the weekend for you.

i sadly haven't been collaging lately. been really busy working on a performance piece/sound piece for an upcoming festival i'm apart of here in the states. but very soon I will have more pieces to post for all to see.

Merry Rozzelle said:

I, too, would love to join in!

we would love you to join also. welcome.

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