A new idea and/or collaboration(if interested)

i keep having the idea of a collaboration where one artist sends another artist scraps, images, pages, objects, or magazines and the receiving artist creates a collage using given materials. after reading the topic of scraps and my personal interest in scraps, i would love to do something like this with other artists who are willing to compile an envelope of scraps and send it my way and each of us create a new work using those materials. whether they modify the scraps with tools is up to the artist. i like the idea of no modification. just using the scraps as is.

Who's with me?

feel free to post address or email me address and i shall give you mine.


matt taggart

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Ken, I was thinking more about a blog than a book. even though a book would be great, I agree with Adrian. It would have to be temporary unless we did a book series but i think so what we are doing and the kind of immediateness of the whole project an online blog would work better plus everyone could post their work as they create it. maybe post everyone who is interested in it's address on the blog for future parties to jump in with information to who has done it and does it.

What should we call this blog? Scraps? i kind of like that. but i would love everyone's opinions on the blog.

I would love to see this project go longterm for sure. no reason we need to end this. there are a lot of collage artists out there who might be interested in this project. it is a good way to create dialogue between us all and work with each other. i'm really excited about all of it. makes me happy to see where its at right now.

we have two more friends on board, Gwenn Meyer and Lauretta Lowell. maybe a few more. i've been talking to a few outside of this forum about it too.

I've attached a file another piece using Ken's material.

for whatever reason the other collage using Ken's material isn't posting. sorry. will try and figure it out soon.

Hey Matt, I'm open to anything .  .  . just about.

Here are a few more thoughts and questions.

I assume you're talking about creating a stand-alone blog, as opposed to using the blog function on this site. Is that right? Either way I'll support it. Still, when I see what Todd did with his book, I think a scraps book could be very interesting. It would have its own set of limitations and challenges, to be sure. Of course, right now, we could not fill a 40 or even 20-page book.

How would a blog be different from what we're doing here now? 
There are both blog and forum functions on this site. However, I'm never really sure what the difference is. What I come up with is that a forum seems to be a many-to-many communication while a blog is more of a one-to-many communication. I admit that I may really misunderstand these two platforms.

The most cynical (devil's advocate ?) part of me says that in four weeks, only three of us have exchanaged scraps and posted work here, though there are others who have expressed interest. Do you think that's enough activity to keep a stand-alone blog going without it becoming stale?  On the other hand, maybe it's just a matter of, "if you build it, they will come."

By the way, I'm working on a second piece using your scraps -- altered. Hope to have it finished soon.



Here's another one, "Procreation" using only one of Ken's scraps to which I addes the piece of text.


Great use of that paper, Adrian. 

very nice Adrian. i love minimal.


i was thinking like a blogspot page. i like the look of them and its easy to use. even though its just us for now plus Gwenn and Lauretta in the near future. I hope though that we get more interest and i'm starting to promote this idea on other social networks that I frequent. I'm very interested in inclusiveness in art and experimentation plus i think its important to document all of it, good or bad. the blog would be a place that was a little more official. plus it wouldn't be so scattered. but here is the best place for what we are doing since it gives everyone the opportunity to meet and great and exchange. where the blog would be strictly for documentation. i don't want to do it if there is hesitation on some of the collaborators.

and you are right, the blog and idea might stall out. and the blog would be just another blog the gets lost in the mix. i have two the i don't maintain at all that were performance ideas the people just forgot about. so i'm hesitate to make one. but we will see its always nice to have a place to bask in one's glory hahaha.

just thoughts.

one thing i know is i'm loving all the work being posted. very minimal works. i love minimal a lot.

i know i haven't said it enough but thank you for being apart of this idea. really excites me to meet and get to know all of yours' work.

here is the the last one of the piece I did with Ken's material.

Hey Matt

Hope I didn't sound too negative in my last post. My questions in part stem from the fact that I've been thinking about doing a blog (who hasn't?). I have a lot of blog questions -- self-hosting or hosted, WordPress or Blogger, that kind of thing.
Plus if Idid a collage blog, how could/would it be different from all the other collage blogs out there? Is there really room for another collage blog? How much time am I willing to commit to keep the blog fresh? Those questions I'm asking myself and your blog idea caught some of the spill over.

Anyway, I say go for it. I'll support it and participate however I can.



The piece that I was working on is not postable. It started out well enough. Then at some point, I don't know where or when exactly, it went sour. It turned on me. Went south. Everything I did made it worse. Really. I showed it to my wife (my first, best and worst critic) and she got this look on her face like when you smell something rotten. I've put it aside and am hoping to cut it apart and maybe salvage something. I'm afraid I've done a great disservcie to your scraps. I'm just going to sit here in the cornor of my dimly lit room, sip tepid water and brood for awhile.


PS:  I'm not seeing any image on your last post.



hello everyone. feelings like its been awhile since i post on here. been busy.

Adrian, i received your package of scraps and i've been busy with them. thank you. great stuff to work with. i have two with just your scraps and i did a collab with yours, Ken's and my scraps. I"m really happy how they all turned out. there is one that i think i forced but i'm still happy. its the process.

Ken, i would still like to see the end result of the one piece you aren't happy with. i'm very curious. would you be interested in sending me a jpeg of it. you don't have to post it here if you don't want.

for some reason my pictures arent posting. i'm tethering my internet off my phone so that might have something to do with it. i should have proper internet very soon and i'll will be posting my works that i've done recently.

hope everyone is well.

Hey Matt. Good to know they finally got there. Can't wait to see what you came up with!

Matthew Taggart said:

.  .  .  Ken, i would still like to see the end result of the one piece you aren't happy with. i'm very curious. would you be interested in sending me a jpeg of it. you don't have to post it here if you don't want .  .  .


Ok, Matt. You asked for it. 
Below is the original 8x8 inch piece and the one  little 4 x 3.75 piece that I managed to salvage. But I don't know if I'll be able to leave these up for very long. It's just too embarraasing.







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