I'm in an area where there are few to no collage artists and have been asked by our gallery to have a collage night/day. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do? It's all new to me. I collage, but am self-taught. I really want this to be a fun night and to create a group of people who are interested in continuing to collage on a monthly basis. Any help would be appreciated.

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We consistently hold collage parties at the Collage Museum Archives in Santa Fe. We are having one tonight! The main things you need are some paper, glue (we use mat medium) or glue sticks and things to glue things to like postcards or smallish canvas panels etc. maybe spray bottles to wet the paper, some sets of scissors, paper towels, rulers, gluing brushes, exacto knives, - everything you would use to cut and glue with. We don't encourage any painting. Invite people to bring their own stuff to make collages with, then have some tables and chairs set up. That pretty much it. You can do it as a ISACA event. You can invite participants to make one for the collage museum then send samples of everyone's work to the collage museum.

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Thanks for your quick response. Do you work on challenges (theme) or times (5 min, 40 min)? I was thinking for this first meet I might need to show some examples too, as most will be completely new to collage. 

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