A new idea and/or collaboration(if interested)

i keep having the idea of a collaboration where one artist sends another artist scraps, images, pages, objects, or magazines and the receiving artist creates a collage using given materials. after reading the topic of scraps and my personal interest in scraps, i would love to do something like this with other artists who are willing to compile an envelope of scraps and send it my way and each of us create a new work using those materials. whether they modify the scraps with tools is up to the artist. i like the idea of no modification. just using the scraps as is.

Who's with me?

feel free to post address or email me address and i shall give you mine.


matt taggart

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What do I need to do?

message send Merry

I just read/viewed all of this thread so far, and I'd like to join the merriment. I'm at fionaoceanstar@gmail.com —'looking forward to hearing from you!

its been a long time since i posted on here and probably we've all forgotten about this project. i'm sorry if i've dropped off the earth and everyone figured me for dead on this sight. my apologizes. i will email you Fi Webster if i haven't already. i have a few people i still need to send some packages of scraps if they are still interested. Merry is one of them. if any of you are reading this please let me know if you are still interested in receiving scraps to play with from me.

hope all is well.

Hello Matt, today I joined this site, I'm new in the collage, I find your idea very interesting. Creating with scraps, paper, items received from another artist. Too bad we're a bit far away, I live in Italy
Have a nice day.

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